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When was the last time you backed up your data? Where do you store your backups? How confident are you that when the situation comes, your backups will work?

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What thoughts do you have when thinking about your computer and network setup? When was the last time you upgraded your hardware, incorporated new software, or perhaps just run a system update? Does your staff freaquently complain about the speed of their system or even the length of time it takes to complete certain tasks on their workstations?


These are a few of the standard questions we ask when meeting new clients. We have found that most companies respond with "I don't know how to update the system" or "I'm afraid I might mess something up." These answers are not uncommon and, with the speed at which technology changes and advances, it's often a valid response.


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What's your time worth?

You should always have an accurate count of your devices, do you?

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With Meaninful Use Deadlines looming, are you ready?

Are you a medical provider that is now faced with the need for an EMR/EHR? We can help!

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24/7 Customer Service

System crash late at night? After hours upgrade or maintenance needed?

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